Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

At Woodhall Primary School, we are committed to promoting ambition and providing opportunities for everyone within a culture that is happy, supportive and safe. All talents are nurtured, all needs are met and all can flourish. To achieve this however, we recognise that some children will, at some stage in their school life, require a more personalised approach to enable them to make progress, enjoy success and achieve.

To support children with specific needs we use a person centred, collaborative, graduated approach. We use an ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ cycle to ensure we give high quality and appropriate support. Our aim is for parents/ carers, children and school staff to work together to enable all children to enjoy success and flourish. Reasonable adjustments will be made so that children with special educational needs and disabilities can take part in every aspect of school life. Any adaptations to the curriculum are based on a child’s individual needs with the goal of including them socially and academically. Any support or intervention put in place aims to overcome barriers to learning. To support this process, we use the Provision Guidance developed by Essex County Council to ensure that appropriate strategies are used at every stage. We also value our relationship with other local schools and work together with them to further enhance our provision. 

In meeting children’s needs we are also required to work within the following Acts:

  • The SEN Code of Practice and the Children and Families Act 2014
  • The SEN and Disability Act (amended 2001) and the The Discrimination and Disability Act (12 2006)
  • The Equality Act (2010)

The implementation of the SEN Code of Practice 2014 will be through this School Offer. 

Finding out about our school:

Parents and carers are welcome to visit our school. Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator is Mrs Stacey Banthorpe. Her contact details are as follows:

By phone:      01787 373661

By email:        admin@woodhallprimary.co.uk 

The school’s governor for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities is Mrs Hazel Crane. She can be contacted via the school’s main office.