Woodhall Primary School Council is comprised of 24 peer-elected students. In order to become a member of the Council, the children will be nominated or put themselves forward, for the role. Individuals will pitch reasons why they are suitable, before a class election is held, based on their speech. Two representative from each class, ranging from Year 1 to Year 6, meet regularly with Mr Fuller and Miss Newman. During the meetings they discuss a wide range of topics which effect everyday school life. The Council will then take important information back to their classes and share with their peers. A class vote may need to be held, with the results fed back at the next meeting, or just informing the class about results of decisions made. The Councillors are proud to wear their badges as they are a big part of the evolution of Woodhall Primary School.

Our new School Council members have been voted in. Congratulations to:

  • Oak: Lottie, Anthony
  • Ash: Isla, Finley
  • Beech: Summer, Leighton
  • Elm: Madison, Julian
  • Rowan: Andy, Ella
  • Maple: Julia, Ryan
  • Sycamore: Bobby, Rory
  • Larch: Saffron, Olivier
  • Silver Birch: Darcy, Solomon
  • Poplar: Amy, Thomas
  • Alder: Elliot, Izzy
  • Hornbeam: Kaitlyn, Maddie