Children take important information back to their classes and share with their peers. A class vote may need to be held, with the results fed back at the next meeting, or just informing the class about results of decisions made. The Councillors are proud to wear their badges as they are a big part of the evolution of Woodhall Primary School.

Our new School Council members have been voted in.

Congratulations to:

Oak Erin  Blake 
Ash Ralph  Eloise 
Beech India Jack
Elm Summer  Bailey 
Rowan Olivia  Lenny 
Maple Millie-G  Jayden 
Sycamore Elizabeth  Ethan 
Larch Summer Reggie
Silver Birch Juila  Cameron 
Poplar Oliver Emily
Hornbeam Stanley Codie
Alder Ionie Bryn