At Woodhall School we pride ourselves on offering a broad and varied curriculum for all learners. However, we believe that learning need not take place solely within the school buildings. Research, and our own experience, indicates that outdoor time often provides the most memorable learning experiences helping children make sense of the world around them by putting their learning into a meaningful context. Research suggests that taking learning outside is good for promoting:

  • Personal and social skills
  • Self-esteem
  • Well-being and health
  • Behaviour
  • Co-operative learning
  • Problem solving.

These skills then feedback positively into classroom work and other settings.

We are therefore dedicated to the idea that during their time at Woodhall School a series of planned, quality outdoor learning experiences will be delivered to each year group. We are continually developing opportunities for outdoor learning within all curriculum areas some examples so far are:

  • Exploring habitats during KS1 science
  • Making bug hotels in English so instructions could then be written
  • Investigating angles and symmetry in Maths
  • Creating Autumn mandalas in Art
  • Visits to local farms and the water meadows as part of Topic lessons

This interesting news article highlights some benefits of this curriculum approach:

Government article about outdoor learning: