Music at Woodhall begins with singing. As a school we have a weekly singing assembly where we join together to sing both traditional and modern songs, even including Makaton signing. Singing transfers in to the classroom to assist with learning in many subjects from maths, phonics and science.

In EYFS/KS1 the children are introduced to a number of instruments, both percussion and tuned, and through exploration, they devise and rehearse their own compositions. They are introduced to many musical terms and there is a focus on rhythm and being able to perform as part of a group.

In KS2 the focus become more on tuned instruments, year 3 begin to learn the recorder and through that look at how notes are written on a scale, they investigate timbre, tempo and different rhythms again. As they progress through KS2 they are introduced to many different styles of music and instruments from African drumming, gospel, blues and jazz.

We are happy also to have the support of the Suffolk music service who offer whole class ensemble teaching of specific instruments in year 4, which enables the children to have a taster of learning an instrument and the opportunity to continue this into year 5 and beyond should they wish to.