At Woodhall Primary School, we aim for pupils to develop a positive attitude towards problem solving and reasoning. This is achieved through a mix of partner work, independent tasks and whole class teaching. The children are given opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills; they are given time to build on their fluency, apply their knowledge in a variety of situations and explain their thinking using the correct mathematical language. We use the Mathematics Mastery programme to support our teaching in YR-6. All pupils are encouraged to develop their vocabulary though regular Maths Meetings and daily talk tasks. These meetings offer the opportunity to revisit topics and to develop fluency, and application, of number facts. Our Nursery children are also introduced to mathematical terminology associated with the Maths Mastery programme.

The programme encourages the use of concrete manipulatives (objects such as counters, Dienes blocks, number lines, bead strings, counters, multilink etc.), pictorial representations (pictures/drawings to represent mathematical concepts) and abstract strategies (written equations) to develop a deeper understanding of concepts.

Children are supported by ‘Keep Up’ interventions to address misconceptions from lessons and challenged with Greater Depth tasks to further develop their ability to reason mathematically.