Hello and welcome to Larch Class!

Our class teacher is Mrs Cook and our Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Bullard.

In Year 4 this year, we are looking forward to learning about many interesting subjects. We will build on our geographical knowledge of the world, learn about the Anglo-Saxons, which will include a visit to West Stow, and the Egyptians, with a visit to the British Museum. We will also get the opportunity to learn to play the cornet.

Alongside this, we will further improve our Maths and English skills. We will continue to advance our vocabulary, punctuation, spelling and times tables recall. And let’s not forget reading! This year we are going to be reading plenty of books both at school and at home, as part of the school’s Reading Race.

One of the highlights of Y4 is that we will be learning how to swim at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre in Sudbury. We will ‘dip in and out’ of this all year.

We know that Year 4 is going to be an excellent year. There will be many challenges but with the right attitude and hard work, we know we can all achieve our goals.

Please pop in for a chat if you have any questions or send us a message via Class Dojo.