Welcome to Hazel, Woodhall Primary School’s Nursery classes.

Our teacher is Mrs Pugh and Mrs Copping.  Our Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Morgans, and our Nursery Nurse is Mrs Worsley.

We love coming to nursery every day, to enjoy a range of exciting experiences from free play through to planned activities that meet our interests and needs, and are based on our levels of development.

We spend some of our time focussing on the prime areas of learning that promote language and sound awareness, called Letters and Sounds. This will help us for when we move into Reception.

We are encouraged to be responsible for meeting our own needs, for example, learning to dress ourselves, serve our own food a snack time and handling our personal hygiene.

We are also very lucky because we get to spend lots of time outside in both our outdoor area, and Woodhall’s Forest School area.

If you have any questions about what we do, or would like to come in to see us, please get in touch.