Here at Woodhall, we use the Success for All programme of study across the school, all the way from Nursery right up to Year 6.

‘We blend the powerful instructional process with an equally effective literacy strategy where pupils are grouped by stage not age, based on their reading comprehension level. Success for All is one of only 19 programmes across the world identified by Graham Allen in a significant HMI Report (January 2011) that is 'proven to work'.’ 

In Nursery, the children start their learning through investigating the world around them, with themed weeks of learning. There is whole-class learning, where the children hear a broad range of texts and get the opportunities to develop comprehension skills. Also, for each theme, there are plentiful activities set up as exciting ‘Learning Labs’ where the children get the opportunity to explore and be inquisitive. These ‘Learning Labs’ continue up into our Reception classes, where the children build on these skills and delve deeper into reading and writing , building up a solid phonics knowledge, as well as a multitude of opportunities for learning through play.

Across the rest of the school, in Key Stages One and Two, the children have a ninety-minute English lesson every day. The children are grouped according their current reading comprehension ability, meaning that every child is receiving a curriculum tailored to their needs. This also means that every child has the best opportunity to succeed. These groups are re-assessed roughly every six weeks, to take into account children who make accelerated progress, or need extra support. There is a strong focus on reading in the SFA programme, which gives the children the chance to explore a rich variety of engaging texts.

For further information, please feel free to visit the Success for All website.