The content of our curriculum draws on the National Curriculum for England for the essential knowledge children require in order to be educated citizens. The foundation subjects, such as history, geography, art and design technology underpin our topic themes. These subjects are highly valued as they bring depth, interest and a natural wonderment to our curriculum. An example of this is the sequence in which children acquire and apply their understanding of the history of the British Isles, Our Island, which we teach in chronological order.

Curriculum maps provide an outline of the essential knowledge that is to be taught in a particular topic e.g. Year 3’s Stone Age to Iron Age. We have purposefully look at each subject area ‘As Artists’, ‘As Geographers’, ‘As Historians’ etc. to immerse the children in the processes of each subject.

Each topic theme is designed around either history, geography or science. The curriculum maps capture this, as they outline the main subject driver. For example, Year 2’s What’s it made of? Topic is driven by science.


Academic Year 2018/19 - Whole Year

Year 1

Autumn Term 2018 - Historical Topic_Our Family History

Autumn Term 2018 - Geographical Topic_Our Local Area

SpringTerm 2019 - PHSE driven topic_Endeavour

Year 2

Autumn Term 2018 - Geography & History driven topic_Our Local Area

Spring Term 2019 - Science driven topic_What is it made of?

Year 3

Autumn Term 2018 - History driven topic_Stone Age to Iron Age

Spring Term 2019 -  History driven topic_The Romans

Year 4

Autumn Term 2018 - History driven topic_The Anglo-Saxons

Spring Term 2019 - History driven topic_The Ancient Egyptians

Year 5

Autumn Term 2018 - History driven topic_The Mayans

Spring Term 2019 - Geography driven topic_Natural Disasters

Year 6

Autumn Term 2018 - History driven topic_Ancient Greece

Spring Term 2019 - History driven topic_Conflict in the Victorian Era