Welcome to Alder! Miss Tate (who is supported by our Learning Support Assistant, Ms Preston) teaches us each day.

As Year 6s we are delighted to be at the top of the school and the role models for Woodhall Primary School pupils. We have high aspirations for this year and we are determined to work hard in order to achieve them and enjoy success. Moreover, we are prepared to deal with the highest of expectations and anticipate an exciting and hard-working year ahead. During the year, not only will we fine tune our English and maths knowledge, we will also learn about the Ancient Greeks and the impact of World War l on Britain, which we hope will include a trip to the Imperial War Museum, London. Another trip that we are looking forward to is the residential to Thorpe Woodlands. It will be a fantastic opportunity to live away from home for a few days and develop our independence through a range of activities ranging from archery to the zip wire!

Being our last year at Woodhall, we know we will need to be equipped with resilience, perseverance and determination in order to succeed, but we are up for the challenge, even for ‘those tests’ in May!

Overall, we have a stimulating year ahead, which will be topped off with our finale… a spectacular Year 6 production!

Come and find us if you have any questions, or to wish us good luck! You can also message us via Class Dojo.